Alternative Canine Training

Alternative Canine Training

Walking with trained dogs

Gold Program

As part of the GOLD PROGRAM we are working with you and your dog:

  • In downtown areas
  • Dog parks and pet stores – off leash
  • Retail stores (where allowed) while your dog waits patiently for you to finish shopping.
  • Coffee shops (where allowed)

The Gold program includes socialization with dogs, people, children, and even cats.

Remember, it is not just about the commands; it is about the behavior problems. The commands we teach have a therapeutic effect on your dog. In fact, most of your dogs behavior problems will disappear on their own without having to address them individually. Why therapeutic? Because this is how your dog’s canine mom communicates with her offspring. It soothes, calms and relaxes your dog, and makes their life worry and stress free.

With this program you achieve a special bond with your dog that is based on trust and respect. With trust comes respect and with respect comes an obedient dog with no behavior problems, including aggression. Don’t be fooled by those who believe that trust and respect exist naturally among owners and their dogs. This is not the case. Trust and respect must be earned! With this program we give you all the tools and commands needed to gain both trust and respect. As a result, we can resolve any behavior problem including aggression.


The commands you and your dog will learn OFF LEASH are:

  • “Lets Go,” which means you will walk your dog instead of your dog walking you
  • Hurry Up and Slow Walking
  • About Turn
  • Turn Left/Turn Right
  • Come Command every time you call
  • Sit, Sit Stay every time you say
  • Down, Down Stay every where you want
  • Forbidden Command "Ahhhhht"
  • Boundary control and safety rules at front door
  • "Wait" Command
  • "OK" Release Command
  • “Place” go to the dog bed lay down and stay